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MyBit Introduces Platform for Hedging Against Risks

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MyBit has launched an Augur-based new risk management solution called MyHedge for MyBit Go users who are looking into hedging.

MyHedge is designed to help investors hedge against risks such as asset manager performance, asset longevity, and asset revenue generation to follow their preferences, MyBit said via Medium.

The new product will also provide investor the investment that they’ll lose on MyBit Go if an asset manager abandons or steals the asset.

“This effectively reduces the risk associated with owning the asset while still entitling the investor to their full fraction of revenue distribution during operation,” MyBit explained.

The Swiss company added that it will work to design their own interface soon for MyHedge.

MyBit Go is programmed to automate hedge funds through Ethereum smart contract to enable investors to directly invest without going through a broker.

It aims to create an investment marketplace for low-risk, high-yielding investment opportunities.