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Kakao Introduces Blockchain-Based E-Sports Livestreaming Platform With, Theta

South Korea-based internet firm Kakao has launched a blockchain-based e-sports livestreaming platform called Korea in partnership with and Theta. Korea is designed to allow South Korean viewers watch e-sports in real time and gain Theta Fuel tokens for sharing their excess bandwidth to relay video streams over the Theta Network, Theta explained via Medium.

Streamers will also be qualified to earn app-level Klatyn blockchain tokens for gaining a daily login bonus, participating in chat, donating virtual items, and joining in other engagements.

Under the Klatyn blockchain project, which was launched by Kakao’s GroundX subsidiary, Korea will be powered by the Theta video delivery network.

The partnership will help, a global game streaming platform with over 3 million users, enter the Korean market while driving adoption and usage of the Klaytn blockchain, according to Chase Choi, head of business development at GroundX. and Theta CEO Mitch Liu added that the e-sports entertainment platform is ready to adopt the innovations in Korea such as mobile gaming, blockchain technology, and 5G wireless systems.

The collaboration with and Theta is one of the 34 initial launch partnerships Kakao has created for the Klaytn public blockchain project.

Some of Klatyn’s existing launch partners include nBlocksHunt, Directional, GUHADA, Sessia, REDi, HAIVE, and BolttCoin.

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