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Horse Racing, Breeding DApp Game Launched on IOST

by Monica Padillo

The public beta version of HorseSaga, a DApp game that centers on horse breeding and racing, has been launched on the IOST blockchain.

The game enables players to raise, train, and breed racehorses to make them strong, boost the standing of their horses in races with the help of jockeys, and gain rewards, the IOS Foundation explained via Medium.

Players who will not participate in the competition can participate in a mining system to gain game tokens and equipment.

The IOS Foundation added that HorseSaga players will be able to unlock functional buildings such as shrines and mini races in the later version of the DApp game.

The additional features will help players earn more benefits. In the case of mini races, players will be permitted to organize unofficial private competitions, as well as enable participants to guess the outcome of the game.

“It should be noted that only players who purchase ‘mini-races passes through pre-sales are eligible to hold private competitions,” the IOS Foundation said.

To celebrate the introduction of the blockchain game, IOST and HorseSaga has launched a giveaway for an exclusive racehorse called Sheriff Horse
in the game.

The game character is at the advanced level of T (SSS), enabling players to mine and receive additional rewards.