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IOST, Unitopia Partner to Boost DApp Gaming Industry

by Monica Padillo

Unitopia, a decentralized game aggregation platform, will launch over a dozen DApp games on the IOST blockchain as part of an agreement to promote the blockchain gaming industry.

Through the collaboration, Unitopia seeks to remove the limitations in scalability, transaction processing systems, and asset security, among other things, in DApp games, the IOS Foundation said via Medium.

“As a public chain for development, IOST helps developers save 30 percent development cost and provides effective technical support,” Unitopia CEO Qian Lei noted.

Lei added that competition among public blockchains is important among DApp ecosystems and that a developer-friendly public chain will be completely helpful in the future.

Unitopia currently hosts six DApp games, the revenues of which are distributed through smart contracts.

The blockchain gaming platform’s project token can also be circulated and traded within the system, while its game data is interoperable, enabling the transfer of virtual currencies and protection of user rights.

Last April, Unitopia received $5 million from Shuimu Fenghua Fund, Link Hui Capital, Jun Joint Venture, Digital Chain Capital and Super Brain Fund to conduct research and development efforts focusing on blockchain-based games.

The fund will also be used to further develop the DApp gaming industry.