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Loom Integrates PlasmaChain Sidechain With TRON

by Monica Padillo

Loom Network, a platform-as-a-service that runs Ethereum-based Solidity applications on various blockchains, has integrated its PlasmaChain sidechain withTRON to help DApp developers reach a wider audience.

The integration will allow developers working on Loom to join the TRON community, as well as enable TRON users to access decentralized applications hosted on PlasmaChain, Loom announced via Medium.

The move will also help speed up the adoption of blockchain technology.

Loom noted that it chose to integrate with TRON because of its accumulated number of DApp users, as well as its use of Solidity smart contracts.

The TRON integration is the second move in Loom’s project of cross-chain interoperability, the first of which was done with Ethereum.

Loom added that it plans to integrate with Cosmos, EOS, and other blockchains in the future to further allow developers working in the PlasmaChain delegated proof-of-stake chain to reach more DApp users.

Loom introduced PlasmaChain in February to link Ethereum with multiple chains.

The sidechain is designed to support Ethereum Virtual Machine smart contracts, as well as offer sub-second confirmation times and high-throughput and Plasma Cash to secure on-chain assets.