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IOST, BlockGame Launches IOST Legend DApp Game

by Monica Padillo

Classic Chinese game Legend has been launched as a DApp game on the IOST blockchain platform as part of IOST’s partnership with BlockGame.

The IOS Foundation announced via Medium that the current version of the blockchain game on IOST is in Chinese but will eventually be available in English.

IOST Legend runs on a token incentive system, meaning players will be rewarded with tokens by killing the Boss, attacking cities, and mining.

IOST and BlockGame also plans to launch Expedition II, a mobile fantasy-themed 3D massively multiplayer online role-playing game based on proof-of-work, in June.

Like IOST Legend, players of Expedition II will be rewarded with computing power by attacking cities with monsters, challenging the boss, and battling in groups, among other things.

Players can also earn token rewards by increasing online time and character combat effectiveness.