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DGaming Launches Open Source Blockchain Engine to Improve Decentralized Gaming

by Monica Padillo

DGaming, a decentralized video game platform, has unveiled DGaming Arcade, an open source platform designed to help developers roll out an efficient pseudorandom number generator into their stand-alone blockchain games.

DGaming said in a press release that the latest project will provide DApp game developers with ready-made, Tendermint-compatible PRNG compatible within the Cosmos ecosystem.

A fast and unbiased in-built PRNG will support a blockchain game’s integrity, the Malta-based firm explained.

DGaming Arcade will also allow developers to construct application-specific blockchains that are capable of connecting to DGaming Hub, a Cosmos network-based decentralized gaming platform.

“I think that the Cosmos ecosystem is due to a Cambrian explosion of consensus protocols and state machines suitable for different applications,” said Vasiliy Shapovalov, chief technology officer of DGaming.

He noted that the concept of the DGaming Arcade blockchain engine is an example of allowing people to experiment on the base layer while staying connected to the economical ecosystem and user interfaces.

DGaming plans to integrate an “equipowerful” model of the Boneh–Lynn–Shacham threshold signature with CosmosSDK-based proof-of-stake mechanics, Shapovalov added.

PRNG is an algorithm the creates a sequence of numbers approximating the properties of random numbers.

Programmers use PRNGs for various applications such as simulations, electronic games, and cryptography.