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Fusion Migrates to Binance Chain

by Monica Padillo

Fusion, a Singapore-based public blockchain, will integrate its utility token and entire ecosystem into Binance Chain.

As part of the integration, some of the FSN utility tokens will be converted to the BEP2 format to make them compatible with Binance’s native blockchain, which was launched in April.

Binance’s native token, BNB, will also be made compatible with Fusion’s public chain.

Additionally, Fusion’s offerings such as Distributed Control Rights Management System or DCRM technology, time-lock, quantum swap, asset creation and enhancements, and the other features on its public chain will be open to a large new developer and user base through the migration.

“We want to push blockchain adoption forward and are humbled to work together with other projects on Binance Chain to reach new levels of interconnectivity,” the Singaporean firm said.

Fusion joins other blockchain and cryptocurrency-focused companies such as COVA, Honest Mining, and Equal Network that have migrated to Binance Chain.