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IOST to Launch More DApp Games With ChainXGame

by Monica Padillo

IOST has partnered with ChainXGame to introduce more decentralized application or DApp games to a wider audience.

IOST announced via Medium that it will begin hosting ChainXGame DApp games on its blockchain platform in July, starting with AI Gomoku, a decentralized version of the traditional Japanese strategy board game Gomoku or Five in a Row.

AI Gomoku is designed with artificial intelligence technology and Token economy specifications, as well as equipped with an Alpha-Beta Pruning algorithm, which is often used to find optimal moves in a two-player game.

With the integration of the game on IOST, players will be eligible to “use the FIR Token to conduct live PK, purchase AI items, and stake FIR to get IOST dividends”, according to IOST.

ChainXGame is a gaming platform that consists of a game center, mall, forum, exchange, and other layers.

It also serves as a common place where developers, IPs, channels, and players can interact.