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0xGames to Launch Pre-Sale for DApp Game 0xRacers on June 25

by Monica Padillo

0xGames, a blockchain game development studio, will open a pre-sale for its fourth DApp game called 0xRacers, which was unveiled in June 18.

The pre-sale, which will run from June 25 to July 25, will include 50% discounts for cars and parts from special loot boxes and other items, 0xGames reported on its website.

The DApp game developer also noted that goods purchased during the pre-sale can be used when the multiplayer racing game is released by the latter part of summer 2019.

The multi-blockchain feature of 0xRacers allows players to use Ethereum, EOSIO, and Tron simultaneously in open-economy market. 0xGames plans to connect the game to other blockchain platforms in the future.

In the 0xRacers game, players can own cars, enhance them with auto parts, join racing events and get profit while playing.

0xGames explained that there will be four car tiers and four rarity values for the in-game assets.

Prior to 0xRacers, OxGames already has a roster of blockchain games, namely OxUniverse, its follow-up game 0xBattleships, and 0xWarriors.