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FunFair Technologies Hosts CryptoCasino Blockchain Casino Network

by Monica Padillo

CryptoCasino, a blockchain-based casino network, has been launched on FunFair Technologies’ decentralized gambling platform under the management of poker affiliate RakeTheRake.

CryptoCasino has become a FunFair third-party licensed white label, helping it enter the blockchain casino sector, which already sees billions of dollars wagered annually.

The move has also enabled 65,000 FUN token holders to explore the casino network, as well as provide FunFair the opportunity to operate a casino at low cost and with seamless integration.

“CryptoCasino’s launch is a major landmark on the FunFair roadmap and we’re excited to partner with the expert marketers in RakeTheRake who will drive further adoption to our gaming ecosystem,” FunFair co-founder Jez San said in a press release.

San added that FunFair will continue to work with RakeTheRake to enhance the gambling platform for people with and without crypto knowledge.

RakeTheRake is a rakeback deal provider operating in the online poker market.

The launch of CryptoCasino on FunFair is RakeTheRake’s first venture into the blockchain industry.

CrytoCasino hosts a total of 20 DApp casino games, including Cyber Hunter 2080, Fun Dice, Bounty on the High Seas, and BlackJack.