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IOST Hosts IOST Crypto War DApp Game

by Monica Padillo

IOST Crypto War, a blockchain-based medieval-themed simulation game, has been launched on the IOST blockchain platform.

The introduction of IOST Crypto War falls under IOST’spartnership with Crypto War, a blockchain game where players can develop lands and assets, form alliances, and fight with each other to win the throne and territories.

The DApp game is available both on Android and iOS, IOST reported via Medium.

For the basic gameplay, IOST Crypto War players can explore various options built in the game such as building construction, scientific research, hero training, farming, resource collection, and military training.

The game also creates an event or activity every three to four hours that players can participate in to win rewards.

IOST Crypto War also has an alliance mode where players can access various perks such as participating in an exclusive chat room, sharing the public alliance territory system, and exchanging resources with other players.

Alliance mode players can also attack and defend as an alliance to win, as well as gaining an opportunity to join the throne battle.

IOST Crypto War also has a token mode, wherein all tokens spent by a player will enter his or own prize pool.

“If a player doesn’t try to win tokens from others’ pool, he or she can take all tokens remaining after 24 hours limit. Players can also try to attack others’ pool and take a section of tokens if successful,” IOST explained.

The player also has another 24 hour-delay to have access to his or her own prize pool after choosing to attack.

Players are also eligible to switch to protection mode at the cost of 50 percent of the total token if they have a difficult time guarding the prize pool.

IOST Crypto War does not support fiat currencies.