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Geolocation DApp Geon Launches IEO on Nauticus Exchange

by Monica Padillo

Geon Network, the company behind incentive-based geolocation DApp Geon, has launched its initial exchange offering with Nauticus Exchange.

As part of the IEO, Geon will be giving away bonus tokens for a certain amount of purchased GEONs: 5 percent bonus for a minimum purchase of 500 GEONs, 10 percent for 100,000 GEONs, and 15 percent GEON bonus for 200,000 GEON.

The bonus tokens will be locked for 30 days upon distribution.

Geon’s IEO hosted on Nauticus Exchange will close on June 26.

Geon is a mobile DApp that allows users to gain Geon coins by simply visiting over a million locations planted with virtual beacons called Geons, as well as enables businesses to attract more customers.

Geon users can use their Geon coins to receive Steam gift cards, gain access to random Steam games, and gain PayPal gifts and Netflix vouchers, among other things.

The DApp reached more than 100,000 user downloads in May.