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Quantadex Unveils First Dice DApp Game

by Monica Padillo

Singapore-based firm Quantadex has launched the first dice DApp game on its platform.

Quantadex said on its website that the Quanta DICE blockchain game will be utilizing the firm’s N+1 distributed randomness function to compute outcomes.

The randomness function is determined from the unique signatures of the transaction seed and chain ID of the player’s roll .

“Each bet is submitted as a transaction on the blockchain which is included in a new block, signed by the block producer to generate a unique block signature,” Quantadex explained.

The company added that the block signature, transaction hash, and the operation ID form the unique entropy for the player’s dice roll.

The block producer then settles the dice roll with the player’s transaction seed and network chain ID one black after a bet transaction. 

The formula used to verify the outcome of a player’s dice roll is:

Outcome = MIN + HMAC_SHA512(network_chain_id, transaction_seed) % (MAX-MIN) 

where MIN=1, MAX=100

Quanta DICE users can play the DApp game with QDEX, BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, and other digital assets listed on QuantaDEX.

The house holds a 3 percent edge on winnings, which contributes to the jackpot, and a 0.01 QDEX platform fee.

Quantadex added that winnings and losses in the game will be assigned to a locked committee-controlled blockchain wallet.

About 0.25 BTC, 10 ETH, and 150,000 QDEX have been seeded for the jackpot.