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Loki, VANTA NETWORK Migrate to Binance Chain

by Monica Padillo

Blockchain firms VANTA NETWORK and Loki have recently migrated their system and token into Binance Chain.

The two firms will convert a portion of their ERC20 tokens into BEP2 format.

Loki said on its website that it will support the creation of Loki-to-Binance “bridges”, which will enable the deposit and withdrawal of Mainnet Loki in exchange for B-Loki on Binance Chain. 

“Users will be able to exchange their Loki for trading purposes and move it back to mainnet Loki when they want to stake or use other privacy features,” Loki added.

It also aims to develop a system that would allow users to exchange their Loki between chains without an intermediary, enabling service nodes to maintain a working knowledge of the B-Loki token on Binance Chain.

The service nodes would also be able to manage the locking and unlocking of Loki, as well as the minting and burning of B-Loki on Binance Chain.

Meanwhile, as part of the integration, VANTA said that it will propose its token to be traded on Binance DEX, Binance’s exchange built on top of Binance Chain.

VANTA, a South Korea-based decentralized and permission-less network, is designed to help individuals and enterprises develop real-time data transmission services and commercialize them at low cost.