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Strategy DApp Game BLOCKLORDS Launched on NEO

by Monica Padillo

BLOCKLORDS, a blockchain-based medieval Europe-themed strategy game, has been launched on the NEO mainnet.

The release of the DApp game came two months after its launch on the TRON mainnet.

BLOCKLORDS players will be qualified to receive 50 percent of the GAS hero creation fee directly into their wallet if their referrals join the game using their referral link. 

Each referral will give players 1.5 GAS.

NEO Global Development will also sponsor a leaderboard event with 100 GAS to celebrate the release of BLOCKLORDS on the NEO blockchain.

“The player with the most bandit attacks by the end of the event will receive a grand prize of 50 GAS,” BLOCKLORDS said.

The grand strategy game allows players to create heroes, trade items, conquer cities, and earn taxes on sales made within their walls.

Installing an O3 wallet and creating a NEO address are required to play the DApp game on the NEO mainnet. 

Items in the game are created in generations. Generation 0 items on the NEO blockchain includes enough for 1,000 medieval heroes. The first batch also has 5,000 high-quality items dropped through strongholds.

BLOCKLORDS noted that Gen 0 items will increase in scarcity over time since new items will be forged in later generations.

Fees in the game are added at most transaction steps to provide substance and sustainability in the in-game economy.

Most of the fees will also be recycled directly into the game or used to improve BLOCKLORDS.