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DeepCloud AI Integrates With Binance Chain

by Monica Padillo

DeepCloud AI, a blockchain-based, artificial intelligence-driven cloud computing platform, has integrated with Binance Chain.

Like other tech companies that have integrated with Binance Chain, DeepCloud AI said via Medium that it will convert its ERC-20 DEEP tokens to the BEP-2 standard, as well as submit a listing proposal on Binance DEX.

The Singaporean firm explained that it decided to apply its DEEP token for listing on Binance DEX because of the exchange’s low-latency, high throughput, and “more trustless” user interface for future token holders.

“[Our] commitment to blockchain adoption can have no bigger supporter than Binance,” DeepCloud AI CEO Max Rye said, “Moving forward we are excited to announce a lineup of projects in the pipeline that will utilize our cloud fabric and blockchain, thereby seeing the real value of our utility token.”

DeepCloud AI is a platform that uses an AI matching algorithm to match resource providers with network users for computation purposes based on application needs and location.

The company claims that its decentralized platform can used to support smart cities, supply chain, TV services, and decentralized AI algorithm learning.