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IOST, ColdLar Wallet Partner to Improve Crypto Asset Security

by Monica Padillo

IOST and ColdLar Wallet, a China-based crypto asset security service provider, have partnered to protect deposits and asset management procedures on the blockchain platform.

IOST said via Medium that the ColdLar Wallet app will begin supporting the blockchain platform in August then integrate with IOST in the third quarter of 2019.

The integration will also help ColdLar Wallet expand its user base, lower technical barriers, and increase internal influence.

“This partnership between IOST and ColdLar will benefit both parties’ mass adoption development and improve users’ crypto safety awareness,” IOST added.

Dawei Yuan, CEO of ColdLar, that the crypto asset security service provider focuses on creating an efficient wallet product and educating users to increase their safety awareness and asset management processes.

“Wallet, in essence a storage and management tool for a private key, is an indispensable component of blockchain ecosystem,” he added, “The increasing needs for secure storage of crypto assets is directly driven by the rapid development of blockchain industry.”

ColdLar provides hardware, mobile app-based, cloud-end, and multi signature wallets.