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IOST Teams Up With SpiderStore to Foster DApp Ecosystem

IOST has partnered with China-based DApp platform and game community SpiderStore as part of a broader effort to improve the DApps ecosystem.

IOST said via Medium that it will be listed in various sections of SpiderStore such as “Ranking” and “Candy Box”.

The proof-of-believability-based blockchain network added that it cooperate with SpiderData and SpiderDEX in the future.

“The IOST Foundation looks forward to continued strong cooperation with SpiderStore to deliver exciting Dapp initiatives for our community,” IOST said.

SpiderStore is a blockchain app store that provides DApp recommendations, rankings, and candy boxes, as well as hosts a blockchain game community where players can communicate and explore other DApps.

The DApp distribution platform’s products include SpiderData, a DApp data analysis platform, and SpiderDEX, a blockchain game assets trading platform.

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