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ILCoin Debuts First DApp Game

by Monica Padillo

Blockchain network ILCoin has launched its first DApp game, AGE of ILC, on its SHA-256 platform.

According to a report by Cointelegraph, the tower defense DApp game, which was named similar to video games released in the 80s and 90s, will be released for Android in mid-July and for iOS in the future.

In AGE of ILC, players have to protect their treasure from being stolen by strangers. They can also use various cryptocurrencies, as well as make micropayments using ILC coins throughout the game.

ILCoin plans to release new levels and new graphic elements every two months.

The blockchain network developed the DApp game in conjunction with Specter Gaming and BOT Robotics.

Cointelegraph cites that ILCoin “believes that blockchain-based games have the opportunity to offer an experience that hasn’t been seen in this industry before”.

ILCoin also hopes the launch of AGE of ILC to encourage developers to build their own games on its blockchain platform, as well as inspire seasoned creatives to expand their reach and unveil titles in new formats.