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Celer Network Partners With MakerDAO, Launches Mainnet

by Monica Padillo

Celer Network, a blockchain layer-2 scaling platform, has partnered with MakerDAO to enable CelerX users to easily complete micropayments and play esport DApp games using Dai stable tokens.

The integration is expected to help beginners onboard and use decentralized applications and games without having Ethereum to blockchain cost, as well as avoid the high volatility of other blockchain assets, Celer explained via Medium.

Celer’s integration with MakerDAO is also intended to support online and offline businesses to receive payments made in virtual currencies.

Mo Dong, co-founder of Celer, noted that the Dai stable token can help users continuously take advantage of DApps without being hindered by price volatility.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to continue to work with MakerDAO to push mass adoption to blockchain application,” he added.

Celer is distributing $10,000 Dai giveaways to users downloading CelerX, a mobile esports gaming platform powered by Celer’s blockchain layer-2 technology. The app is currently available in 88 countries.

In other news, Celer has launched its alpha mainnet called Cygnus, a generalized state channel network on Ethereum.

The scaling platform hopes that developers will use the mainnet to build skill-based mobile games that can be monetized with CelerX eSport Gaming SDK.