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DApp Game Gods Unchained Launches Month-Long Public Balancing Beta

Competitive card DApp game Gods Unchained has launched its month-long balancing beta for a wider audience.

During the beta period, developers will facilitate the fairness of different deck combination to maintain the balance and fun and competitive factor of the game, Fuel Games said in a press release.

Players will also be allowed to collect cards from packs, join the fray, mint cards to the blockchain, and battle with other players.

Solidifying card stats and trading cards, however, will only be done once the balancing beta period has concluded.

Gods Unchained developers will also stop releasing Genesis Set cards, which were unveiled during the game’s pre-sale, once the balancing beta is closed and the first version of the gameplay is launched.

Fuel Games notes that as of July 8, the game has sold more than four million cards and generated about $4 million in revenue.

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