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Amazing Block Launches Pre-Sale for MMO DApp Game SuperPlayer

Chinese game developer Amazing Block has launched a pre-sale for SuperPlayer, a pixel art-style massively multiplayer online DApp game.

The pre-sale is done in conjunction with the launch of the game on Ethereum as part of its goal to support multiple blockchains, DappRadar explained via Medium.

SuperPlayer is currently live in public blockchain platform Zilliqa.

The DApp game is based on the ERC20-standard SPO token and Non-Fungible Tokens, which players can collect and use to create their rank on leaderboards in the arena, explore, build an SPO mine in their castles, and make a factory to create more NFTs.

SuperPlayer users can also create and trade their own in-game assets through the game’s marketplace.

DappRadar notes that Amazing Block is working on releasing SuperPlayer’s source code in 2020 to enable anyone to develop a server.

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