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Samsung Adds Six New DApps to Galaxy S10 Blockchain Wallet

by Monica Padillo

South Korean tech firm Samsung has revealed six new DApps, including blockchain game My Crypto Heroes and blockchain gaming platform The Hunters, that will be integrated in its Galaxy S10 smartphone’s blockchain wallet.

According to a report by FN News, the other four blockchain-powered applications that will be added in the blockchain wallet of the Galaxy S10 phone are Berry Pick, X-Wallet, Syrup Table, and Misetoktok.

The six DApps joins the first set of blockchain apps, which consists of Enjin, Cosmee, CryptoKitties, and CoinDuck, that were added into the Galaxy S10 last March.

The report also stated that Samsung intends to continuously expand its range of DApp offerings, possibly including Pibble, Lympo, and Foresting as business agreements have already been made with them.

An industry observer also noted that with the installment of the blockchain key store and blockchain wallet in the Galaxy S10, Samsung Electronics plans to collaborate with developers who can use DApps in succession.

Last May, Samsung revealed that it plans to install blockchain and cryptocurrency-related features in its budget Galaxy smartphones, as well as tackle blockchain-based mobile identification cards and local currencies in partnership with various telecommunication companies.

The Samsung Blockchain Wallet is currently compatible with Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens.