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Dapp Radar Now Tracks DApps on Ontology

by Monica Padillo

Dapp Radar, an online source for DApp rankings and analysis, has started monitoring various blockchain applications running on Ontology Network’s blockchain.

About 45 DApps, which include gambling and gaming DApps SuperPlanet, Red Envelope, HyperDragons Go, Encrypted Journey, and HyperSnakes, are now being tracked on DappRadar’s website.

ONTLAND, a 3D multiplayer DApp game and also the most popular decentralized game to date on Ontology, is also being monitored by Dapp Radar.

Dapp Radar now keeps tabs on six blockchain platforms that host DApps: Ethereum, EOS, TRON, IOST, Loom, and Ontology.

Ontology recently partnered with Norway-based browser Opera to tackle the decentralized finance and decentralized application sectors.

Through the collaboration, the two entities hope to attract more active ONT ID users to the Ontology blockchain.

Ontology has also teamed up with Japanese firms TECHFUND and Cryptos Inc., as part of an effort to expand its reach to both consumers and developers worldwide.