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IOST Supports Charity-Based DApp Game Herorats

by Monica Padillo

IOST has begun supporting Herorats, a minesweeper-themed DApp game based on the work of non-government organization Apopo in training African pouched rats to detect landmines and other explosives in over 60 countries.

A portion of Herorat players’ earning from a round of the blockchain will automatically be donated to the Apopo Foundation, IOST said via Medium.

Herorats, which is available on OnBlock and IOST’s own website, was developed by Apopo in partnership with IOST’s Korean development team, iost-Q.E.D.

Players of the game can use either IOST or traditional payment methods such as Paypal and their credit card to buy game assets such as bananas and play Herorats.

The difficulty in the game is based on the size and number of virtual mines that resemble actual landmine densities in different countries.

IOST explained that the coordinates of the mines are encoded and converted into different colors of a rat, which will be shown to the players before the game play to inform them that they are playing in a different landmine map.

There are three modes in the game: Gates mode, Scrooge mode, and Practice mode, each of which have a certain amount of rewards and donations.