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Just Game Debuts on IOST

by Monica Padillo

Just Game, a gambling DApp game designed similarly like fellow gambling blockchain game Fomo3D, has debuted on the IOST blockchain platform.

IOST said via Medium that the launch of Just Game is part of Endless Game’s goal of gradually releasing all of its products on IOST’s mainnet as part of their partnership.

Just Game now has four versions, one each for TRON, Ethereum, IOST, and USDT.

In order to play the DApp game, players need to buy one or more gift boxes, with no value upon purchase, that represent their share of dividends among the prize pool.

For every box purchased, 35 percent of the money will be distributed to all previously purchased boxes, 35 percent will be allocated for the open box reserve, and 10 percent will be shared among the last 100 buyers.

The remaining 20 percent will be given to the last winner, development team, promoters, and marketing efforts.

Each game runs up to 12 hours. The time within those 12 hours can fluctuate will depend on the amount of purchased, opened or upgraded box. Players can only claim their earnings once the countdown ends.