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Blockchain-Based Blackjack Game Launched on DAO.Casino

by Monica Padillo

DAO.Casino, a blockchain-based business-to-business platform, has added a casino DApp game called Blackjack as the first game on its blockchain platform.

The Singapore-based firm said on its website that DAO.Casino Blackjack, which is based on the American version of the casino game, will use the extended Signidice algorithm to shuffle and check the deck, as well as monitor the position of the cards within the decks.

Aside from presenting the Signidice algorithm in action, DAO.Casino Blackjack is expected to use smart contracts for deposits.

The launch of the DApp game is part of DAO.Casino’s efforts to tackle what it calls a Gambling 3.0 industry, which will involve using blockchain technology to automate transactions and facilitate interactions between casino operators, game developers, affiliates, and players.

The mechanisms in the game is as follows:

At the start of the game, users send the bankroller entropic signals. Once received, the bankroller signs these actions with his key, which is known by the player. The signature, which is generated by this process, creates the final entropy needed to complete the shuffle process.

Once the deck is shuffled via entropy, the bankroller generates a Merkle Tree or hash tree from the shuffled deck – the Merkle Tree root is subsequently sent to the player. This means that every time the player or dealer gets dealt a card, the bankroller sends a Merkle Tree proof, which undeniably proves the position of the cards during the deal – preventing fraud and cheating.

Another tech advantage comes from the players receiving previous bankroller signatures. This enables the player to check previous deck shuffles to ensure the deck was shuffled using the bankroller’s signature, that the bankroller signature was generated using the player’s entropy and known bankroller key.