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Ethereum DApp Game CryptoMiner World Makes Debut

by Monica Padillo

Ethereum-based DApp game CryptoMiner World has made its public debut.

In CryptoMiner World, players can own plots of land, each of which consists of 100 blocks and have a fixed price of 0.02 ETH, and mine them using Gems to obtain various types of treasure buried underground.

Players can acquire as many Gems, which are actually ERC-721 tokens that act as in-game characters with their own ID, as they want. However, the oldest and fastest ones will be the most prized and beneficial for mining, the CMW team explained.

These Gemstones can be left alone to automatically mine plots of land if players do not have enough time to play the game.

Mining time depends on the tier of the plot of land and the Gem’s grade.

Plots of land in the blockchain game are divided into five tiers: dirt/snow, clay/ice, limestone, marble, then obsidian. The uppermost layer, dirt/snow, can be mined for an average of 45 minutes, while the lowest layer, obsidian, can be mined for 72 hours.

It will take longer for a Gem to mine a plot of land through each tier they pass through.

Gems can mine various artifacts that will help them increase their mining speed, level, and grade. When they discover keys, which are rare items in CryptoMiner World, players have the chance to chance to open two main kinds of Chests: Gemstone Chests, which are each filled with 10 ETH, and the World Chest, which is filled with 2,000 ETH.

In the future, the CMW team plans to introduce Gem merging, account achievement, and artifact systems into the game, as well as launch an interactive world map.