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Nestree to Guide Non-Crypto Users Explore IOST

by Monica Padillo

IOST and Nestree, a rewards-based blockchain-integrated mobile communication application, have teamed up to help new and existing IOST users to explore the blockchain platform without extensive technical knowledge.

IOST reported via Medium that the partnership will guide IOST users in storing and managing their IOST-based assets without learning the complexities of the blockchain network.

The partnership also involve IOST providing technical and security support to integrate its blockchain in Nestree for resource management, peer-to-peer transaction of IOST tokens, and smart contract distribution to community group channels.

Nestree is a Singapore-based company that rewards messengers users for joining online communities and creating and sharing content about blockchain and cryptocurrency using decentralized methods.

The firm stated in its whitepaper that, through its blockchain-based messaging app, it aims to resolve three issues in the instant messaging industry: difficulty in growing and maintaining communities, preventing important information from being flooded by new information in messaging groups, and relaxing limitations in the revenue model.

The messenger app also offers a wallet, which currently supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, MakerDAO, Binance Coin, and EGG tokens.