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DappRadar: EOS DApp Game Prospectors Sees Increase in DAUs

by Monica Padillo

DappRadar has reported that there has been an increase in daily active wallets ofProspectors, an EOS-based massive multiplayer online real-time economic strategy DApp game.

As of July 18, Prospectors now has about 2,100 active users, making it the second most popular game among other EOS DApp games after EOS Knights, and the third most popular game across all other blockchains, according to DappRadar’s and Dapp.com’s respective DApp ranking pages.

Prospectors is set at a time in the 19th century when mining gold and other precious metals and earth minerals was a popular activity.

Players of the DApp game can earn PGL or Prospectors Gold tokens, which can be exchanged in the real world or used to purchase in-game assets and services.

The prices for in-game goods and services are determined based on supply and demand to resemble the economy during the Gold Rush.

DappRadar noted that EOS has seen a rise in its DApp activity. From late 2018 to early 2019, EOS saw as many as more than 14,000 DAUs for non-gambling DApp games.

The biggest contributor to EOS’s boosted DApp activity is EOS Knights, a medieval-themed mobile DApp game.