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MegaCryptoPolis to Launch Multi-Blockchain Support

by Monica Padillo

MegaCryptoPolis, an Ethereum-based city building DApp game, will expand to new blockchain networks starting with TRON.

The blockchain game said via Medium that the TRON version will use TRX to pay citizens, avail services, and release an insurance fund for cases of natural disasters.

Game assets such as land plots, districts, and all microeconomy items will also be traded with TRX on the internal marketplace.

The multi-chain expansion will provide each blockchain with their own macroeconomy with dedicated funds and new territories.

The new initiative is also expected to allow wider adoption, speed up operations, charge less fees, and diversify gameplay.

The move will enable an interoperability feature, helping MegaCryptoPolis players to transfer Bricks produced on the Ethereum part of the gaming map to produce a building on another network.

Additionally, each blockchain will be given its own global fund accounted in its native cryptocurrency.

MegaCryptoPolis players can create as many accounts as they want on different blockchains, possibly helping them distribute assets and production to maximize income.