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TRON Hosts 8 New DApps Over the Past Week

by Monica Padillo

Over the past week, eight DApps have been added in the TRON ecosystem, increasing the total number of DApps on the blockchain platform to 521, according to data from DappReview.

TRON showed via Medium that the new DApps launched on TRON belonged to the gambling, high-risk, exchange, and other categories.

DappReview also also a decrease in TRON’s daily active users, transaction number, and transaction volume. However, DappTotal showed contrasting numbers, saying that TRON’s DAUs, transactions number and volume increased over the past week.

The blockchain platform claimed that it still maintained “healthy growth” from July 11 to July 17.

At the start of July, DappReview ruled TRON to be the leader in the DApp race in terms of number of launched DApps since the beginning of 2019.

TRON, along with EOS, also showed growth in number of active users and transaction volume from January to June.