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Binance to Support, Launch Token Sale for DApp Gaming Platform WINk

by Monica Padillo

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance will support and launch a lottery format token sale for TRON-based DApp gaming platform WINk on Binance Launchpad.

Binance acknowledged on its website that it now supports seven initial exchange offering so far into 2019, with the support for WINk being the first in the gaming industry.

The token sale for WINk will take place from July 24 to July 30 using Binance’s updated lottery rules.

The BNB balance of participants will be taken 7 times at midnight each day. The number of tickets that can be claimed will be based on the average of the 7 snapshots.

Binance will draw and announce the lottery sale winners on July 31.

“The gaming industry has been at the forefront of emerging technologies and has demonstrated a strong interest and demand of utilizing cryptocurrency and decentralized platforms,” said Binance CEO and founder Changpeng Zhao.

Zhao added that decentralized gaming platforms allows users to experience various benefits such as keeping complete custody of their funds and witnessing fairness and security with the help of audible smart contracts. 

“We hope that hosting WINk on Binance Launchpad will showcase the advantages of blockchain-based gaming and help advance this space for others,” he noted.

WINk is the rebranded version of TRONbet, the first DApp launched on TRON. The decentralized gaming library currently supports TRX, DICE (TRC20), and BTT (TRC10), with plans to support more tokens soon.

WINk claims that it allows users to play, socialize, and stake across multiple blockchain ecosystems that leverages the WIN token, which is the native digital asset within the platform.