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EOS Knights Linked With Wombat Blockchain Wallet

by Monica Padillo

EOS Knights, an EOS-based mobile DApp game, has been linked with the Wombat blockchain wallet.

Chainwise, the blockchain-focused firm behind Wombat, said via Medium that the partnership will help EOS Knights players seamlessly sign up for an EOS account on the blockchain wallet for free.

The agreement also opens up an opportunity for players to access the DApp game’s web version in Wombat or use the wallet to sign transactions in the EOS Knights mobile app.

“Now it is possible to easily play EOS Knights without any prior blockchain knowledge and especially without the burden of taking care of CPU, NET and RAM,” Wombat Chief Technology Officer Alexander Gutjahr said, “This helps blockchain adoption in general and EOS adoption in particular”.

To celebrate the partnership, an EK Cup tournament, with a total reward of 200 EOS, will be launched.

New players will have the same chance to win the tournament as experiences players with high-level knights since all of the participants will have the same prerequisites.