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NEO, Zel Technologies Partner to Foster Blockchain Ecosystems

by Monica Padillo

NEO and Zel Technologies have agreed to promote each other’s ecosystems and technologies as part of a new partnership.

Zel said via Medium that it will add NEO, GAS, and NEP-5 assets to the ZelCore wallet, enabling NEO, GAS, and NEP-5 asset holders to store their smart economy assets and more than 150 cryptocurrencies on a single unified account within the ZelCore platform.

Under the collaboration, all NEO assets will also be available free-to-use in a future software release.

“This partnership joins two of the best crypto communities around to create awareness of the NEO economic model as well as the ZelCore asset support structure,” said Daniel Keller, chief security officer at Zel Technologies, GmbH.

The partnership is part of the ZelLabs program, which focuses on fostering projects that focus on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, building a community of similar initiatives, and co-marketing new technologies and partnerships.