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What is Crypt-Oink? | Introduction and Gameplay

by Monica Padillo

For the first gameplay of our Tell Us Tori segment, we decided to try out Crypt-Oink. But what exactly is this DApp game all about?


Crypt-Oink is a simulation DApp game, developed by Japanese firm Good Luck 3 on the Ethereum blockchain, where players can collect, breed, and train their own 3D animated pigs called Cryptons, which are ERC-721 non-fungible tokens that take on different shapes, colors, and patterns.

Upon joining the game, players are given the chance to choose from three Eggtons, which are Cryptons that cannot be bred or traded. The free Eggtons possess the same set of skills but each differ in levels of speed, power, and stamina.

Prior to its racing feature, Crypt-Oink only allows its players to purchase, collect, breed, and trade genderless Cryptons. Now, these virtual pigs can be trained to join the “Gran Ton Rismo” race, giving the game a more exciting feature.

To train the Cryptons, players need to purchase certain in-game items to increase their skills using Coink, the game’s version of money which can also be bought using Ether.

Training and racing increase the Crypton’s age and stats and decrease their energy, which can be replenished by buying certain items as well.

Each race in the game have certain entry requirements:

  • Beginner’s Cup – for owner level 1 Cryptons
  • League Race – for owner level 2 Cryptons and below
  • Season Race – for Cryptons with an owner level above 3, that are under 9 years and 11 months old, and have a sky-blue body color
  • Monthly Cup – for Cryptons that are above owner level 4
  • ETH Mini Cup – only available for certain Cryptons and requires 6 owners

Players can buy Cryptons at the Market, as well as breed them by mating them with a Crypton from another owner. The new Crypton will be born with the genetical traits of their parents and possibly some hidden traits.