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What is Crypt-Oink? | Introduction and Gameplay

by Monica Padillo


After choosing our own Eggton and letting it undergo its first round of training, in which we used a Hoppity Boppity Ice Cream to increase its speed, we immediately set it for the League Race. 

The race only consisted of one lap with one hurdle that slowed us down. Despite this, our Eggton won first place.

(Our Eggton was originally named Aggie but we later changed it to Tori)

We decided to train out Eggton again so that we can enter it in the Beginner’s Race, which also consisted of one lap and two obstacles. 

We purchased 10,500 Coinks and a Training Crate that contained another Hoppity Boppity Ice Cream. Sadly, for this round, we took the last place in the race.

Determined to bag another win, we trained our Eggton again to increase its speed and stamina. This time, we bought a Moo Moo Shake, which claims to help increase stamina by two points during training.

After joining a second round of the Beginner’s Race, we lost once more to the other Cryptons and got the last place.