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3 Old School Style DApp Games on Ethereum

by Monica Padillo

Most people would get into pop culture, especially when they’re given the chance to relieve their past. Nowadays, film producers and various entertainment companies are creating modern versions of movies made in the 20th century. 

In the blockchain gaming industry, there are several DApp games that resemble the old school vibe of pioneer video games.

Some of these games are:

My Crypto Heroes

My Crypto Heroes is a HTML5  worker-placement role-playing DApp game that lets players collect and train characters, which are based on historical figures in real life such as Joan of Arc, Albert Einstein, Marie Antoinette, and Karl Marx.

Players can also obtain special and legendary items, form teams, and join battles to conquer the crypto world.

Its pixel art graphics are what make this game feel like players are playing a game from the past and the historical characters add an extra flair to it all.

My Crypto Heroes is developed by Japanese blockchain gaming company double jump.tokyo.


Similar to MCH, Super Player is a pixel art massive multiplayer online DApp game that is based on a fellow blockchain game called Krypton Knight in terms of asset characteristics, game content, and healthy economic system.

Players are given the chance to explore mysterious relics as explorers, duel with other players as gladiators, provide supplies as businessmen or build their own empire and participate in imperial wars as city owners.

SuperPlayer is developed by Chinese game developer AmazingBlock.