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BlockDevs Asia Tackles Blockchain-Based Gambling in Recent Event

by Monica Padillo

BlockDevs Asia recently held an event, sponsored by Token News, that focused on blockchain-based gambling, decentralized casinos, and DApps.

Held at the BlockchainSpace coworking space in Makati City, the event called Blockchain Gamble saw more than 60 blockchain enthusiasts and developers who were interested in decentralized online gambling and DApps.

The event consisted of various talks from representatives of BlockDevs Asia such as Amadeo Brands, who discussed about market predictions and blockchain gambling, as well as introduced the audience to some existing blockchain casinos and prediction platforms, namely Herorats and the Augur Prediction Platform.

Chris Versales provided a presentation about different platforms for blockchain casinos, as well as how to possibly operate blockchain lotteries.

Meanwhile, IOST node and venture capital firm Sutler Ventures showcased gambling DApp statistics that proved that the gaming and gambling industries garner the most number of stakeholders.

Tracy Li also discussed about Quanta’s Blockchain Lottery Platform and how the blockchain lottery operator uses RANDAO, a blockchain-based verifiable random number generator, to fairly selecting a winning ticket.

At the latter part of the event, BlockDevs Asia initiated a panel discussion that focused on blockchain gambling. The panelists included Raf Padilla, Mark Vernon, Eman Pulis, Nathan Smale.