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Top 5 Blockchain Platforms for Art, Music

by Monica Padillo

The art world is no stranger to fraud and forgeries as art are seen by collectors as precious commodities, so they vy in any means possible for artworks, both vintage and modern ones, that are worth millions.

In recent years, the art world has embraced the power of blockchain technology to create transparency and fairness in the way artworks are bought and sold.

There are actually several DApps in the blockchain market now that cater to artists and art collectors. Here are five of the most popular decentralized platforms where art and music can be bought and sold.


PixEOS is an EOS-based art gamification platform that allows artists to promote, tokenize ownership, and monetize their digital art. Users can earn pixEOS and EOS tokens by drawing on pixEOS Paint, playing games, contributing to the platform, and supporting EOS artists who have published their work in the pixEOS Gallery and pixEOS Art House.


Built on top of the Ethereum network, SuperRare is a social marketplace where artists can create and sell their digital art collection. The digital collectibles on the DApp are all cryptographically secured, making them into limited edition and rare pieces that can be tracked and verified through blockchain.