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5 DApps for Work and Life Productivity

by Monica Padillo

In this modern age, various applications and platforms contribute greatly to everyone’s productivity. We have apps to hail rides, monitor our fitness status, make music, and pay for products or services bought online.

It’s not much different in the world of blockchain. There are several decentralized applications that help people with their work the same as centralized applications.

Below are some DApps that can help anyone be productive with work and life in general.


CANWork is an Ethereuem-based decentralized platform where clients can source digital service providers such as software engineers, graphic designers, content writers, digital marketing specialists.

This DApp curates the digital service providers that will join its ecosystem. CANWork also only takes 1 percent of the payment fee when clients make a transaction so that service providers can take more of their earnings home.

Since CANWork accepts cryptocurrency payments, international transactions are processed quickly at less fees. The DApp also enables users who don’t have Paypal to pay for services globally. 


Much like the famous online encyclopedia Wikipedia, Everipedia is a blockchain-based source of knowledge regarding various topics.

This EOS-based DApp allows users to create and publish their own articles with proper citations, as well as rewards them with IQ tokens for contributing in their network. 

Everipedia is named as such because it encourages people to create and contribute to articles about everything (“every-pedia”).


Fundition is a peer-to-peer crowdfunding and collaborating platform built on the Steem blockchain. 

This decentralized platform helps users, even those without any prior knowledge in blockchain or cryptocurrency, to use blockchain-based technology to acquire, give, and receive crypto tokens without any fees.

Backers, which are classified as those who support the projects of Founders or Fundition campaign creators, receive rewards from the Founder and in HeartPower for their contributions. Founders also receive rewards for content, updates, and final deliveries.


Also built on top of the Steem blockchain, Actifit is a DApp that incentivizes users with AFIT tokens for being active, staying fit, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Users need to reach a minimum of 5,000 activity count and submit their post through the DApp to the Steem blockchain to gain AFIT tokens, which they can use to buy fitness-related equipment, tools, gadgets, sports wear, gym memberships, and other products and services between providers and actifiters.

The DApp is available for iOS and Android users.


Paytomat is an EOS-based DApp that helps local stores and online merchants accept payments in cryptocurrencies without fees.

Its Paytomat Wallet is a way for users to store and manage assets in a single interface, streamlining transactions in the Paytomat ecosystem.