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NEO, VIBE Partner for Next Era Blockchain Gaming Project

by Monica Padillo

NEO and VIBE, a blockchain-based marketplace for virtual and augmented reality programs and games, will jointly work towards next era of blockchain gaming as part of their newly formed partnership.

VIBE disclosed via Medium that both NEO and GAS tokens will be integrated onto the VIBENet chain, which is designed to manage instant atomic micro transactions without gas fees to enable the new generation of blockchain gaming.

In the second week of September, NEO will be integrated into VIBE or DIE, a first person shooter DApp game that is built on VIBENet and similar to famous first person shooter games Call of Duty and Halo.

In the same month, NEO and VIBE will launch a competition with $5,000 worth of NEO as the prize.

VIBE serves as a hub for VR and AR programs for music, education, and gaming, among other things.

The VR and AR hub currently only hosts one game, with plans to release a new game called Vibe Fight soon.