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5 DApps for Human Resource Management and Employee Recruitment

by Monica Padillo

Blockchain has been adopted by various industries over the years because of its transparency and convenience for different purposes. In fact, there has recently been a growing demand for blockchain technology in the world of human resources.

To help alleviate the burden off the shoulders of HR and recruitment officers, several DApps for human resource management have been launched in the blockchain market.

Here are some DApps that can contribute to human resources work:


HireVibes is an EOS-based job search platform. It guides employers and recruiters from different types of businesses in finding potential employees and connecting with referrers.

This DApp allows HR officers or recruiters to use fiat currencies such as the U.S. Dollar or Euro to avail its services. HireVibes will convert the fiat currency to HVT tokens at no costs when an applicant is hired. A 5 percent deduction will be made when hirers opt to directly use HVT tokens to pay for services in the recruiting platform.

Referrers also get a 3.5 percent reward when their referrals are hired. 


Zinc is an Ethereum-based platform designed to provide a transparent and authenticated way of verifying the background of job applicants. The developers of the DApp claim that references are essential in checking an applicant’s history, skills, and appropriateness for the job and culture of the company.

This DApp also encourages recruiters to collect and review references to better collate potential employees.

Applicants can ask their references to answer Zinc’s questionnaire, which includes the ideal balance of competency, culture-fit, and date-check questions that can help provide a comprehensive overview of candidate experience.