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DApps for Inspired Artists, Music Enthusiasts

by Monica Padillo

Over the past few years, technology has helped musicians release their music, as well as given an avenue for simple civilians to listen to various genres of music in practical ways.

Because of popular music streaming platforms such as Spotify and Soundcloud, we no longer have to wait for songs to be played on the radio or television or purchase external devices such as walkmans or MP3 players to listen to music.

Everything that can satisfy our music-less lives can now be satisfied with a mere download of an app.

Since the use of blockchain has started gaining attention in recent years, several DApps focusing on music licensing and streaming have emerged and entered the market.

Here are some DApps that musicians and mere civilians can use to access music:


Choon is a music streaming service built on top of the Ethereum network. It is also designed as a digital payments ecosystem. It claims to serve as an alternative for artists and musicians who earn nothing from their work uploaded on Soundcloud and Spotify.

As of this writing, the DApp already hosts more than 12,000 artists and over 45,000 tracks.