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City Building DApp Games for the Aspiring Architects

by Monica Padillo

Do you remember playing Sims City on weekends when you were in middle or high school? Do you miss the thrill of building various kinds of establishments, seeing their value grow, and creating a harmonious environment for your virtual citizens?

City building games have always attracted the attention of people who sought to live their architect and investor dreams in a virtual world.

With the invention of blockchain technology, there are now several decentralized city building games in the market that architects at heart can try out.

Here are some city building DApps that you can check out:


MegaCryptoPolis is generally one of the top Ethereum-powered DApp games in the market to date. Players can begin playing this city building DApp game by acquiring a block of land. They can then start constructing and upgrading their buildings to gain influence points and collect their share of taxes in the game.

MegaCryptopolis players are also granted a portion of Ether spent by other players when they gain a block or when other blocks within their 7×7 radius are sold as well.

This DApp game can be played either on mobile or desktop.