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3 Idle DApp Games for the Busy Players

by Monica Padillo

The fact that anyone can earn money while enjoying a good game is what attracts people to DApp games. However, with all the obligations and responsibilities that one needs to attend to in life, not a lot of people can allot most of their time just playing blockchain games.

Luckily, there are DApp games that are programmed to run even when they’re not being accessed by players.

Here are some idle DApp games that will help anyone earn crypto rewards while they’re busy with real life duties:

CryptoMiner World

CryptoMiner World is an Ethereum-based DApp game that debuted last May. In this idle game, players can purchase plots of land, each of which consists of 100 blocks that collectively costs 0.02 Ether and can be mined using Gems.

Gems, meanwhile, are the ERC-21 characters in the game. The mining speed, level, and grade of Gems increase when they mine various artifacts. The higher the stats, the better Gems can mine through plots of land, which are divided into five tiers.


Also built on top of the Ethereum network, ChickenHunt is a DApp game that assigns a Hunter to a player that will continuously hunt and get chickens. Hunters will be able to better get more chickens when their stats are increased or when players purchase pets or items.

Players can become shareholders of the game every time they spend Ether through ChickenHunt. After officially becoming a shareholder, a player receives a dividend of the game’s generated revenue.