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IOST Set to Host First Decentralized MMORPG Called Crypto Sanguo

IOST is set to host its first decentralized massively multiplayer online role-playing game called Crypto Sanguo in collaboration with New York-based firm Unseen Magic Studio.

The blockchain platform announced via Medium that it will launch a week-long pre-sale of the DApp game in the last week of August to celebrate the introduction of Crypto Sanguo on the IOST main network.

About 90 percent of the proceeds during and after the pre-sale will be divided among Crypto Sanguo players according to the amount of Sanguo tokens that will be held or burned, while the remaining 10 percent will be allotted for the development and marketing team.

Crypto Sanguo is based on the real stories of the Sanguo or the Three Kingdoms during the Later Han dynasty in China where three warlords vied for imperial power.

In order to win SGT tokens, players can fight with different non-player characters or participate in player vs. player battles.

Players can also buy and sell heroes and in-game materials and gears at Crypto Sanguo’s on chain marketplace.

The DApp game will be available on mobile and computer devices.

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