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Manchester City, Superbloke Team Up to Further Promote Blockchain Gaming to Football Fans

English football organization Manchester City Football Club will tokenize its players in a DApp game called FC Superstar as part of a partnership with South Korea-based sports service developer Superbloke.

Manchester City announced that incorporating its players into FC Superstar will help fans support both the club and the decentralized game.

“Superbloke has a vision to use blockchain technology to help football fans so that they can permanently own players’ tokens they have collected,” said Nak-Hyoung Kim, Superbloke’s chief strategy officer, “We expect that this partnership with Manchester City will be the first step to get closer to our vision.”

The South Korean company is now Manchester City’s official blockchain-based Gacha partner in Korea, Japan, and South East Asia.

FC Superstar is a DApp game that allows players to collect, train, and grow Manchester City digital player cards using real life match statistics and in-game training.

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