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NodeBrick Kicks Off Pre-Sale for RPG DApp Game Infinity Star

by Monica Padillo

South Korean game developer NodeBrick has kicked off a pre-sale for its soon-to-be-released blockchain-based game Infinity Star.

The pre-sale of the HTML5 DApp game includes high value items such as character costumes, loot boxes, and gearing materials, DappRadar said via Medium.

NodeBrick aims to release the beta version of Infinity Star for PC and mobile in late September.

Huey Shin, CEO of NodeBrick, said that Infinity Star is a testament to the company’s aim of building games that can be fun and related to the economic incentives that blockchain technology provides.

He added that NodeBrick plans to develop more “amazing” gameplay depth, content, and updates to the game.

Infinity Star is an Ethereum-based, two-dimensional idle role-playing game that is set in a dystopian world where scientists use faint people as lab experiments to discover human superpowers.

Some characters in the game created a liberation campaign to escape from these experiments.

Infinity Star promises to offer a full RPG progression, allowing players to grind, farm, craft, upgrade, beating over others or trading items, costumes, and player characters in the ERC21 market.

Created as an idle game, the progress of players in Infinity Star can continue even if they are not playing it.